Future of the netgraph in DragonFly?

Alexander Motin mav at FreeBSD.org
Fri Dec 5 15:47:50 PST 2008


Dennis Melentyev wrote:
Sorry for bringing back quite old topic, but now it's the time I am
interested in mpd :)
Today I just compiled (but not tested) libpdel-0.5.3 (just a bunch of
#ifdefs,  GET_COOKIE() -> fcookie define,  NG_HOOKLEN and NG_PATHLEN
The problem with mpd4.4.1 is much more complex for me: I'm not that
experienced with make to re-create bsd.ports.mk and friends. Also, I'm
not aware of actual status of DFBSD's netgraph.
Could it be a good day to revisit mpd-on-DragonFly issue?
As good as any other. The main question is still the state of netgraph 
in DF. Last time I have looked, it was in state of FreeBSD4. Now I can 
see some netgraph7 directory in DF CVS, but I have no idea about it's 

mpd4.4.1 is the latest mpd version supporting FreeBSD4 in it's netgraph 
state. Now it is legacy and I have no wish to continue development of 
that branch. Present mpd5.2 version is completely superior and this is 
that front line to which you should orient yourself. Mpd5 is widely 
tunes itself to the system capabilities to support all FreeBSD versions 
starting from 5.x. To clean the code some of critical FreeBSD 4.x 
tunings (for example, NG_NODESIZ of 16 bytes support) were removed. But 
even without this, it still would be practically inoperable now due to 
many other problems in that old netgraph code, which are now fixed in 
new versions.

What can I provide:
1. Access to DFBSD system (home server, semi-production :) ) and
FreeBSD mpd server (router at work, serious production)
2. Testing, some C coding (well, I'm short of DFBSD kernel experience,
but should not be a big problem to grep sources)
3. Beer/Juice/Vodka/Borjomi (in Kiev, via the train, airmail, etc). :)
Sorry, but with my work for FreeBSD I have no spare time to actively 
maintain one more system. If somebody going to finish DF netgraph update 
to the recent FreeBSD state, started by Matthew Dillon, and will 
maintain it further, I will help him with mpd support and my netgraph 

Alexander Motin

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