is DragonFly advertising wrong block device to K3B?

Petr Janda elekktretterr at
Sun Dec 21 05:56:33 PST 2008

K3B autodetects my single DVD burner as /dev/cd0c (3,0,0).

Trying to change it to /dev/cd0 says theres no burner there,

The weird thing is burning to /dev/cd0c will work for data CDs but fails for 
audio CDs. So I did a test with cdcontrol to play an audio cd and when I use 
the cdcontrol's default setting cd0c, it gives me Input/Output Error but 
using just cd0 (or acd0) works.

1) Whats telling K3B that the SCSI device 3,0,0 is /dev/cd0c and not /dec/cd0?

I suppose K3B uses cdrecord --scanbus or something like that to detect the 
drives. Yet the output of the command doesnt say that 3,0,0 points to cd0c.

petr at elevator:/home/petr# cdrecord --scanbus
Cdrecord-Clone 2.01.01a04 (--) Copyright (C) 1995-2006 Jörg
        3,0,0   300) 'PIONEER ' 'DVD-RW  DVR-109 ' '1.57' Removable CD-ROM

2) What is the difference between cd0 and cd0c in the first place and why is 
Dragonfly refusing to play an audio cd with cd0c, and yet writing data to it 
thru K3B works?

Some answers please...


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