Hammer talk

Rick Macklem rick at snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca
Wed Aug 13 09:57:34 PDT 2008

>    Any benchmark is going to be a benchmark of the OS as much
>    as it is going to be a benchmark of the filesystem.  It's pretty
>    hard to separate the two.
>    ZFS is best tested on Open Solaris.  UFS is best tested on FreeBSD,
>    EXT3 is best tested on Linux, and HAMMER of course is best tested on
>    DragonFly.  Plus the OS itself will depend greatly on whether the
>    machine environment is UP or SMP.

All true, of course. However, if you ran all of them on the same chunk of
hardware, at least the hardware differences would be factored out and the
results would be interesting to see, even if not necessarily indicative
of the effects of the different file system structures and their
implementations, imho.

I'd like to see the talk, but there ain't no way I get to go there:-), rick

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