RCS Discussion

Michael Galassi nerd at xyz.com
Tue Aug 12 17:30:41 PDT 2008

>I meant to type this earlier: a requirement of whatever RCS system we may
>move to would be to enable non-developers to easily check out the code to
>rebuild their system.

For the most part FreeBSD's cvsup system provides that.  Over the
years I've wished for one addition, the ability to request:

  recursively list all commit messgaes for /usr/src/sys since date/time

(presumably my previous cvsup).  Things move more slowly on FreeBSD
now so it's not such a big deal, but DragonFlyBSD has taken over the
place of the OS where huge strides are taken very regularly and the
ability to find what the changes are since (eg) Aug 8th at 14:20 is
really interesting.  It also helps in narrowing the areas we need to
look when unexpected behaviour crops up.



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