PXE (NFS2) broken on DragonFly?

Pedro F. Giffuni pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 14:48:42 PDT 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:I started a thread on freebsd-fs about adopting 64bit cookies. The main 
:show stopper is that PXE uses the NFS2 support in the bootloader. The 
:code is in libstand (which is actually derived from some NetBSD's libsa).
:I looked briefly at the DragonFlyBSD CVS and it looks like libstand 
:still depends on NFS2. Perhaps libstand is not used anymore or no one 
:has used PXE on DragonFly?
:     Pedro.

    Well, we basically don't support NFSv2 any more.  It only works with UFS.
    It's impossible to make it work with HAMMER, which needs 64 bit cookies.
    I usually PXE boot test boxes with the TFTP loader.  Once the loader
    straps into the kernel the kernel itself has no problem booting via

TBH, I haven't use PXE to boot, but for some people the TFTP loader 
doesn't work too well  :(.

I understand DragonFly will make hammer the default filesystem some day, 
so you'll want want to update or remove the NFS2 stuff in libstand. BTW, 
there was this nice Google project on FreeBSD:




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