RCS Discussion

Samuel J. Greear dragonflybsd at evilcode.net
Wed Aug 6 13:24:04 PDT 2008

It is plausable but in no way guaranteed that DragonFlyBSD will make use 
of a new RCS (Revision Control System) in the future. Most likely 
initially to host "Portable HAMMER" but then potentially later as the 
primary RCS as a replacement for CVS. The purpose of this thread is to 
start a discussion regarding the features committers, developers and users 
would like to see brought to the table by a potential revision control 
system. The intention of this thread is not to start a discussion as to 
the relative merits of existing software (cvs, svn, git, mercurial, etc), 
as the choice of software itself should become quite clear as a result of 
a sane discussion directed towards the desired features.

I will throw two out there:

The ability to keep a branch up to date/in sync without an excessive 
amount of pain. This seems obvious to me as a good feature to have, and 
having this ability in the master RCS potentially (hopefully) eliminates 
the need for the tree to be maintained in other RCS's in general. (For 
example, FreeBSD runs perforce alongside svn (previously cvs) for 
complicated or long-term branches).

An over-the-wire format efficient enough that the RCS could be used as the 
sole means of obtaining and keeping up to date the source and pkgsrc 
trees. This just seems like a good idea, and could eliminate the multitude 
of ways it is done now, rsync, cvs, cvsup, etc., as well as potentially 
eliminating future need for something like FreeBSD's portsnap. 

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