ACPI / SATA / FFS - truncated directories, etc.

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Oct 26 20:55:47 PDT 2007

:Hello all -
:I've been trying to do some performance tests on a dual-core opteron
:machine using the tyan tomcat H1000E board [1]_ - when I boot 1.10.1 UP
:with acpi disabled, things run fine, but running UP with ACPI yields
:strange dld problems and appears to cause filesystem corruption after
:less than an hour or so of operation (afterwords, booting from cd +=
:fsck yields truncated directory inodes, etc, so it appears that the
:system is corrupting the disk).
:Booting w/ACPI results in a dmesg with SATA, whereas without ACPI
:results in the system booting in regular ATA mode.

    Can you tell the BIOS to put the SATA unit in native mode instead
    of compatibility mode, and then boot without ACPI?  If we can get it
    to recognize the native SATA hardware without ACPI we can narrow down
    the cause of the problem.


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