Bluetooth stack

Dmitry Komissaroff dxi at
Thu Nov 29 23:13:28 PST 2007

В письме Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:23:04 +0200, Hasso Tepper

>> 3. obex file transfer work. But it need patched openobex and obexftp, and
>>    it working to one way only (from comp to cellphone for example).
> Details, please? Why patching is necessary etc.
Because openobex and obexftp need BlueZ from Linux to enable Bluetooth
functionality. I create this patch, but it very dirty...

>> Problems:
>> 1. sdpd not functional as must. I don't know why, but device (cellphone
>> in
>>    my case) not see any registered services.
> Sdpd got some significant fixes during last weeks in NetBSD repository
> regarding ServiceSearchAttribute and ServiceSearch request handling. Did
> you looked at these?
Hmm, I miss this update...
>> 4. bthcid use libPropList. I don't know any lib, which included in
>> system
>>    and has some functionality. If some one can pointer me to another,
>>    it will be great.
> I'd recommend looking at bthcid code before introducing dependency of
> proplib and/or hcsecd in FreeBSD. AFAIK the only functionality you will
> loose with direct port of old bthcid, is the ability to match local
> addresses. Not critical IMHO.
bthcid store keys for paired devices on disk and when new request coming
it open file and read key from it. It's very usefull option, because not
need to enter pin code every time, when some connection happend.

>> 3. btsco driver for emulate hadsfree device. (I'm working at it now)
> Nice. It might be hard though, full duplex audio doesn't work with our
> uaudio(4) either AFAIK.
I don't use uaudio, but it's very many other troubles, and at first time
- no docs. :)

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