Is there analog of `softint_establish and co.` in DFly kernel?

Dmitry Komissaroff dxi at
Tue Nov 27 23:06:19 PST 2007

В письме Mon, 26 Nov 2007 09:53:54 -0800, Matthew Dillon

> :Which mechanisms in DFLy kernel may use as analog with some
> :functianality of softint_XXX?
> :
>     We have a software interrupt mechanism via the SWI_* defines in
>     sys/interrupt.h.  Various bits of code use them, for example
>     the kernel task queue (kern/subr_taskqueue.c), CAM (bus/cam/cam_xpt.c),
>     and a few others.
I'm playing a bit with mechanism (register_swi(), unregister_swi() and
sched_ithd()). It work, but it not applicable for widely usage, because
number of SWI_XXX slots very limited. To example, someone want create
some driver and use for sending data to device function, called by
software interrupt. Today, this someone must change kernel sources at
least in <sys/interrupt.h> to add define of new SWI_XXX. If not to do
this, there is risk, to use number of softint, used someone else...

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