Kernel panic on module unload

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Nov 7 10:05:03 PST 2007

:Hi all!
:I'm still working with BT stack. There many questions, but one is very 
:BT stack implemented by separated module, which loaded by BT device
:module. It contain protocol definitions by filling protosw and
:domain structs. All loading and registering successfull. But, when I try
:to unload module, kernel goes panic on pffasttimo or pfslowtimo, which
:called first.
:To solve this problem, I just restrict unloading module, but it apply
:brakes to work, because I need reboot, when I want to change something in
:the module.
:Is there more solution of this problem?

    Well, one way to do your development more quickly would be to run
    your module inside a virtual kernel (man vkernel).  You will need
    to run the vkernel with the -U option to permit module loading.

    If you want to paste the code you are using to register and unregister
    the protosw/domain structs I can take a look at that.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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