Bluetooth ( link to more or less working port of new netgraph)

Nuno Antunes nuno.antunes at
Tue Nov 6 06:57:04 PST 2007

On 11/6/07, Andrew Atrens <atrens at> wrote:
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> Hi Nuno,

Hi Andrew,

> Thanks for sharing your work! :)  You'll note that the bluetooth part in my patch does compile and
> work (well, needs to be integrated with the usb stack), as does the rest of the port, sans fec.
> So I'm not sure exactly what you've done by just managing to get things to compile without testing
> ... unless you are wishing to start from scratch, which is fine too since working on this stuff is a
> good learning experience and a lot of fun too! :)

First of all thank you for your work! I started this off of it. But I
could not get it to compile against a recent HEAD so I had to hack
away until it compiled. I remember I had to update sysdev/netif/ar/
along the way for example, and I also incorporated more recent FreeBSD
changes such as the refcount implementation (which in turn made me do
some additions to sys/cpu/i386/include/atomic.h, which is a little
low-level for me so I'm not sure about those changes).

Regarding bluetooth, I think that there is another effort going on to
port the netbsd/openbsd version (non-netgraph) so I will not pay much
attention to this one. I'm mostly interested in the remaining parts of

> I don't have time to look at your new patch for the next few days, but promise to get back to you
> early next week.

That would be great! Thanks,

> Cheers,
> - --Andrew

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