HAMMER update 26-Nov 2007

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Tue Nov 27 00:02:04 PST 2007

    Work continues to progress well.  Most of the committed code has now been
    tested and is in reasonably good shape for operations occuring within
    a single cluster.

    (a cluster is just a 64MB chunk of disk in HAMMER terminology).

    Next up will be to add an option to have HAMMER physically delete data
    so I can test the B-Tree deletion code (ultimately this will be controlled
    by the retention policy).  At the moment it doesn't throw anything away
    at all which is great for testing as-of mounts, but not so good for
    life-testing the filesystem.

    After that I'll start working on extending the B-Tree across multiple
    clusters.  That's the last 'hard' bit of work for the filesystem.

    There is still a ton of less complex work after that... recovery code,
    streaming backup/mirroring code, retention policy & vacuuming, and so
    on and so forth. 


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