New packages mirroring scheme, and a plan

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Thu Nov 1 19:31:01 PDT 2007

I have set up to regularly build up-to-date binary
packages from the most recent 'stable' release of pkgsrc.

What I'd like to do is restrict access to mirrors only, with rsync.  This
would entail a username and password (separate from any existing accounts
on leaf or other machines) for use for rsync only.

If you run one of the mirrors below, please let me know what you want your
username/password to be - and tell me if rsync won't work out.  (it looks
like the most efficient choice right now)

Also - if you want to set up a new mirror, please tell me.

Evil Plan Part 2:

I found pkg_add (and I think 'make bin-install') can be set to use a CGI
target that will accept redirects to mirror sites.  The Plan is to set a
redirect script up on, and then modify the default
shell profiles/rc files on DragonFly to point at that URL.

The goal of the Plan is to make any new DragonFly system able to install
software 'out of the box'.  You then do not have an out-of-date pkgsrc src
tree, and you do have a relatively reliable network installation system
that works immediately and probably faster than building from source.

Does anyone have an objection to 'The Plan'?

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