Path passed to ffs_mount() is garbage?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Mar 22 09:32:19 PDT 2007

:>     path is passed from userland.  Its a userland pointer.  It shouldn'=
:>     be garbage, but you probably need to do a copyin() into a kernel
:>     buffer instead of printing it directly.  Actually, I'm a little at =
:>     a loss because on the PC architecture the pointer should still be
:>     printable (if a bit dangerous due to being a userland address).
:yah, but not for vkernels...  the vmspace is different :/  makes it also =
:a bitch to debug
:  simon

    Ah.  Yup.  It won't work with vkernels... which is actually good in
    a way, it means we catch all those instances where the kernel tries
    to directly access a user address :-)


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