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Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Thu Mar 22 05:05:49 PDT 2007

Mads Martin Joergensen wrote:
Not to discourage anyone's efforts, but there exists no such thing as a
"simple mail system". All kinds of issues always arise, and people end
up going back to what's there already, since it's a huge undertaking
getting a mailsystem that is 100% trustworthy going. And a mailsystem
have to be completely trustworthy. Especially in a BSD :-)
That's why I am writing one.  Trustworthy is premier objective.  And I think I got this already covered.  No mail should be left behind, etc.

But those other issues, like being "friendly" to a remote system:  if you send 20 mails a day, do you really have to care?  Of course you should care, theoretically speaking, but practically?  Let's have a look:

1. target MX is a busy system
-> so what are 20 mails on top of those 10000s being processed per day?
2. target MX is an idle system
-> sure 20 mails instead of one with multiple RCPT are a big share.  but who cares, the system is idle anyways.
Of course I don't want the mailer to be a jackass, but first get it working, then make it even better.

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