Google SoC 2007 details

Stilyan Tsenov naylits at
Mon Mar 12 11:01:54 PDT 2007

Maybe it is better to wait some time so X people bring mode line
setting in the kernel before working on the console.
What I mean :
and in addition
especially "Splitting console".For the lazy :) here is what I focus
"The user console is the opposite of system console, it needs to be
high performance and user friendly. A user space implementation makes
it easy to handle multiuser by creating a process for each user. User
space allows full GPU based acceleration via fbdev and DRM. You also
have easy access to Xft/FreeType for full Unicode support. With proper
design the console can even allow different users on each head. By
coding the appropriate hot keys it can be made to behave just like
existing VTs and support console swaps."
Using the upcoming SYSLINK protocol it may be easier to migrate
consoles to userspace.So I think porting DRI drivers to DragonFly is a
better SoC project making the OS a modern desktop.
2007/3/12, Jose timofonic <soytimofonico at>:
On 09.03.2007, at 12:18, Robert Luciani wrote:
> (alternative) console with utf8 support and VESA
> support
> perhaps port wscons from NetBSD?
I agree and found it quite interesting. I heard the
problem was about memory use, but maybe that can be
solved with a dynamic symbol loading (putting in
memory the most common used ones and load the others
when needed in form of small "packages").

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