Google SoC 2007 details

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Thu Mar 8 20:39:13 PST 2007

I've nominated myself to apply to Google's Summer of Code project this
year for DragonFly.  On Jeff Hsu's advice, I'm getting as much details as
possible together before applying.

Rob Holland - are you still available to mentor?  You had mentioned a
desire to do so about a month ago.  Anyone else who is interested as a
mentor or student, please speak up.

What projects would people like to see?  My list so far (in part from Jeff):

- Porting DTrace
- Porting ZFS
- Capriccio threads
- Xen support as domU and dom0 platform
- AMD64 support
- Bringing in version 2.0 of the BSD Installer
- LiveCD with a DragonFly-specific X desktop, integrated into nrelease build
- Binary upgrades

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