OpenSound - was Re: lockmgr patch

Chris Turner c.turner at
Mon Jun 18 17:36:58 PDT 2007

oliver oli wrote:
> If you want to run pro audio software (on BSD) you want to run a jack
> server. Has anyone tried to port jackd or jackdmp to Dragonfly? Is there
> any chance that it can run low-latency (64 samples / 48khz = 1.3 ms)?

Jackd builds and runs via PortAudio (
& is even in pkgsrc (or perhaps just wip.?) - although I've not been
built any clients yet ..

I tried 'chuck' :

but part way through the port, lack of c99 features bit me on
the floating point ops,

and I subsequently realized my sound (HDA) was making garbage sounds,

so I stopped trying to build clients until that issue is settled.
Evidently, the garbage sounds might be fixed by commits today,

so perhaps once I rebuild my main workstation / laptop (probably not for
a while), I'll give it another shot..

Based on some various discussion on the LAD list, it sounds like the
'stock' linux scheduler works with realtime priority / JACKD OK
if the system isn't too busy, once you start adding more processing
you need to set up preemption. My goal is to find out if that's the case
for the DFly scheduler as well :)

- Chris

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