SMP TCP userland access

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jun 7 10:03:10 PDT 2007

:while talking to a colleague this came up:
:how does userland access to TCP connections play together with SMP and
:TCP threads?  Is there still a lock?  Would it be beneficial if we lose
:this synchronization and do it more DragonFly-ish?  I.e. will a
:receiving process benefit from a different implementation without locks
:(I've seen sblock() calls, so I guess it is still locked, dunno how this
:plays into the TCP threads thing)
:  simon

    The sockbuf is access synchronously (aka reading and writing).
    Everything else is accessed asynchronously via a message from the user
    process context to the protocol thread context.  For example,
    listen(), connect(), accept() ,etc... those are actually all messaged.

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