implemented features (Re: Decision time....)

Jonas Sundström jonas at
Thu Jun 7 07:09:22 PDT 2007

At risk of putting my foot in my mouth... 

If DragonFly BSD isn't there yet in terms of performance, on Rahul's 
hardware in the area of scientific computation, it might be better to 
simply admitt that this -could- be the case, thank him for his 
interest, ask him to be patient, and then try to estimate the time to 
when DragonFly BSD will be equal or superior to his other platform 

I believe Rahul said that he has been using DragonFly BSD for 2 years, 
and while it would be possible to fail to make a thorough evaluation 
during 2 years, I would think he has tried to use DragonFly BSD for his 
purposes and is basing his performance estimates on that experience.

It's not a good idea to alienate potential users by being agressively 

But I'm just a lurker. 

I just found this thread a lot less fun.

/Jonas Sundström.

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