implemented features (Re: Decision time....)

Chris Turner c.turner at
Thu Jun 7 04:51:43 PDT 2007

Okay -- was hoping this thread would blow over but since everyone is
putting their 2c in, I might as well too..

Bill Hacker wrote:
> Matthew Dillon wrote:
>>     PkgSrc is something I agonized over for a long time.  I really wanted

To speak up for it - Pkgsrc is great!

I can think of no other way short of manual building to keep so many
different platforms in synch with respect to the exact same versions of
packages, installed in the same place, with the same compile time
options, etc.

This makes administration of multi platform environments super simple..

After working with it, am planning to standardize everything on it -
currently seeking a minimal linux for those linux machines, am using it
for OpenBSD machines, etc. as well.

For in-house software, scripts, etc. this means configuring things for
*1* packager, *1* time, and doing the build everywhere it is needed -

don't need to write a Fbsd port, .rpm, sysv pkg, swdepot, whatever ..

And theoretically, the pkgviews infrastructure lets you do multiple
installs - although I still need to try it, so I can't claim that it's
100% .. besides, DF has jails *and* vkernel for testing :)

>>     The installer is one of those things where it is simply not
>> possible to
>>     please everyone.  It just can't be done.  There are too many

Installer is great!

Simple, no bs, small footprint, gets you running, and you can easily
do things manually or via scripting , and the 'install server' mode is

Although the notion of 'core components' might be cool one day -
e.g. that way can keep compilers off of the production machines
and so on.

> Wouldn't be rocket science to publish a couple of stable variants of
> those, directly copiable to 2GB or 4GB USB gadgets - say with and
> without 'X' and with pkgsrc ready to roll. Most recent Minix has
> something similar w/r putting 'X' into place.
> I'm not of the opinion that any of this is in need of an 'immediate'
> fix, as my gut feeling is that a knock-their-socks-off DFLY that would
> *benefit* from an enlarged interest pool is still about a year away.
> Too much attention from the peanut gallery too soon and all that happens
> is developers are distracted by the carping and whining about MP3's that
> don't play and such trivia.

Exactly.. been watching silly questions on the lists increase slightly
lately - hopefully myself not included in 'silly' :)

keep it nice and *nixy, and keep it a true *operating system* rather
than a nebulous

'Desktop PeeCeeOS Distry-Bewshun Thingy'

although I'm a bit of a masochist when it comes to these things..

and yeah, probably one day will want some growth -

- Chris

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