implemented features (Re: Decision time....)

Rahul Siddharthan rsidd120 at
Tue Jun 5 05:00:51 PDT 2007

Oliver Fromme <check+jj5pa700rspr9xfw at> wrote:
>Having said that, I appreciate all the work that Matt and
>the others are doing.  But there's only a limited number
>of things you can work on with a (relatively) small team,
>compared to the other BSDs.  Frankly, I'm astonished how
>much has been achieved in DF.  Matt has done a tremendous
>amount of work.

I completely agree with this.  If I thought I could implement AMD64,
I'd volunteer (well, as soon as I get a new laptop...)  

>I'm sure that DF will grow amd64 support sooner or later,
>it's probably not very difficult but just requires a
>certain amount of time and effort.  In fact it would be
>a pity if Matt wasted his time on it.

But it would probably take Matt two days, and if I could do it at all,
it would probably take me a year.



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