implemented features (Re: Decision time....)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jun 4 08:15:29 PDT 2007

    Well, its a matter of someone sitting down and doing the work.
    That's how it has always been.  I can't do everything, at least
    not in the same time frame as the dozens of people working on
    FreeBSD.  The best I can do for many of these subsystems in a
    short time frame is to create the infrastructure needed to allow
    other developers to come in and finish it off while I move onto
    something else.  LWP is a great example of that working.  SMP is
    a great example of that lagging.

    All of my boxes are 64-bit capable and I would love to see DragonFly
    operate in 64 bit mode, but ultimately that is not as interesting a
    project as getting a 64 bit filesystem with infinite snapshot
    capabilities and getting clustering working.  I would dearly love to
    see someone with the same dedication work on 64 bit mode ane finish
    off the SMP support.


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