Branching CVS for 1.10 on wednesday

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jul 16 12:48:48 PDT 2007

:Did you look at this bug:
:There are quite some issues left, I think.
:  simon
:Serve - BSD     +++  RENT this banner advert  +++    ASCII Ribbon   /"\

      View: 722		open - but I'm not sure this is fixable.  Also,
			vinum blows up when using 'vinum start', but I think
			it blew up in the last release too.  I have no idea
			why, sifting through the vinum code is really hard.

			Maybe we should just disable 'vinum start', but
			there's still an issue with your vinum root not
			being able to write configs back and maybe not even
			being able to boot without adding a bootenv variable
			to tell vinum which exact device to load its config

			I could re-enable the code which makes the label
			area writeable JUST for this release, but we can't
			leave it that way.  vinum is making all sorts of
			crazy assumptions with regards to disk layout.

      View: 668		This is the installer issue you are working on

      View: 582		I need a way to reproduce this in order to track it
			down.  I have no idea where to start.

      View: 709		I'm pretty sure Sascha fixed this one, could someone

      View: 671		You can't run disklabel on a raw device, it must
			be run on a slice (e.g. s0).  Raw devices do not do
			any snooping.

      View: 634		X11 change to 'modular' was committed.

      View: 715		Not easily reproduced, no way to debug prior to release.

      View: 713		Resolved

      View: 727		If the sound driver doesn't deadlock, this isn't a bug.

      View: 666 	Open


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