AMD64 port

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Jul 15 12:32:00 PDT 2007

:Matt and Simon,
:i am still hanging in the cross compiling part (simon helps me a lot
:in irc) and it is a learning process for me. some questions about the
:building infra.
:we assume the amd64 as the TARGET_ARCH, but i found another one,
:TARGET_PLATFORM, also need to set as pc64 (a wired name, suggest a
:better name). that Makefile also need to set in the platform (pc64)
:folder. I thing that is what the building infra is. just double check.

    TARGET_ARCH is the one that controls cross compiling.

    TARGET_PLATFORM is DragonFly-specific and used to control which
    platform/<blah> source files are to be used.  It does NOT have any
    effect whatsoever on the cross compiling environment.

    For example, we have platform/pc32 and we have platform/vkernel.
    'vkernel' is clearly not a cross compiling target.  Both have an
    architecture of i386 (eventually we will also make vkernel's compile
    under amd64, but don't worry about that for now).


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