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Wed Jul 4 15:01:49 PDT 2007

Noah yan wrote:
yes, have a online repository is great. if i go, i should clone a new one, e.g.
amd64-port, from the main dfly git repository; just like what
vkernel-mp did. but after clone, how to import those changes of the
dragonfly.git to the forked repo.
You first fork the repo on the web page.  Then you clone the dragonfly.git repo and add the fork as a second remote (with git remote add).  After that you push the dragonfly master branch to the remote.

About this sequence (not tested, feel free to join IRC to work out details in realtime):

git clone $dragonflygituri	# use the git:// one
cd dragonfly.git
git checkout -b amd64	# create new branch
git remote add amd64-port $amd64portgituri	# use the ssh+git:// one
# add instructions to transfer local head "amd64" to
# the fork's head "noah/amd64" (or "master", or whatever)
git config remote.amd64-port.push refs/heads/amd64:refs/heads/noah/amd64
git push	# push current status
# now work, commit, do whatever
git push	# update status
that's the most basic operation.

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