Initial filesystem design synopsis.

Jose timofonic soytimofonico at
Thu Feb 22 08:57:09 PST 2007


maybe I'm a bit off topic and asking about something
is not mentioned on the main talk but... what about
networking FS?

I'm an user newbie and not have a clue about this
topic, but I would like to read opinions about experts
about this.

I readed about tons of distributed file systems: 9P,
Andrew File System, NFS, Transarc AFS and OpenAFS,
Ceph, Coda, GoogleFS, Haiku's NetFS...

I tried NFS in the past and soon I'm thinking on setup
a small server for storing data with RAID and some
redundancy. I just heared NFS runs quite bad over
wrong internet connections (WAN) and that is quite
common in countries like mine (Spain) or mobile
internet connections.

It will be part of "DillonFS" or another layer running
on top of it (I readed something about implementing
SYMLINK)? How it will be the distributed behaviour?
What about interoperability over other operating
systems (and meaning storing the meta-data of file
systems using it too, from the common ones to most of
the exotic OSes)?

Are there any distributed file system that can be used
in local and network mode? I only a see one
distributed file systems available for both network
and local storage, 9P.

I'm sure this stuff was think by Matt Dillon years ago
when started the DragonFly project, as a distributed
file system means explicitly being prepared for
network. It could be nice if Matt explains a bit his
plans about this topic if he wants to do.

Excuse me if I'm wrong with my thinking on this, I'm
very newbie and quite probably having tons of ideas
and explained incorrectly because of my broken


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