Initial filesystem design synopsis.

Victor Balada Diaz victor at
Thu Feb 22 04:05:58 PST 2007

On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 02:22:16PM -0800, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     Here is my initial outline of the filesystem design.  It is open
>     for discussion.  Please feel to ask questions for anything you do
>     not understand.  I do not intend to start coding anything for at
>     least two weeks.
>     There are currently two rough spots in the design.  First, how to
>     handle segment overflows in a multi-master environment.  Such overflows
>     can occur when the individual masters or slaves have different historical
>     data retention policies.  Second, where to store the regeneratable
>     indexes.

Maybe i missed it but you don't talk at all about security of the FS
and i guess that this is a very important topic for a FS that
it's going to work over the internet and be connected to insecure

Eg: What if i want to share a file with you, but i don't
want anyone else on the cluster to be able to read or modify it?

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