Page fault handling in vpagetable area clarification

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Feb 10 12:16:41 PST 2007

:I'll keep the technical questions public so that web searches can find them.
:In vm_fault_object(), fs.prot gets downgraded unconditionally if this is a 
:VM_MAPTYPE_VPAGETABLE entry. But if this was a write fault, 
:vm_fault_vpagetable() has already set VPTE_M (and if the vkernel clears it, 
:its pmap_clearbit() will invalidate the real kernel's pagetables). Why can't 
:the protection stay RW in this case?

    fs.prot is only downgraded for read faults on writable pages.   Write
    faults on writable pages will be mapped RW.

    Normally when a read fault occurs on a writable page the kernel will
    map the page read-write, but still mark the page as being clean in its
    vm_page structure.  Any future write to that page will cause the
    hardware page table's modified bit to be set.  The real kernel lazily 
    checks the modified bit in the hardware page table entry at some future
    time to determine if the page is actually still clean or not. 

    In order to properly simulate the setting of the modified bit in the
    virtual page table, read faults to writable pages within the VM space
    governed by the virtual page table must be mapped read-only instead
    of read-write in order to force an actual write fault to occur if the
    page is written.  Otherwise the real kernel has no way of knowing 
    when to set the modified bit in the virtual page table entry.

    That is what is supposed to happen.  If it doesn't happen that way
    please tell me :-).  There are some optimizations that can be done
    to reduce the number of 'double page' faults that occur, such as
    proactively setting the modified bit in the virtual page table entry
    on a read fault based on some heuristic or cached historical data
    (where the expectation is that the page will be modified soon even 
    though the immediate fault was a read fault), in order to be able
    to map the page read-write immediately.

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