DragonFly and Thinpad X61s

Karthik Subramanian karthik301176 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 22:08:15 PST 2007

On Dec 9, 2007 4:15 AM, Matthew Dillon <dillon at apollo.backplane.com> wrote:
> :wasn't something added not too long ago to parallelize device scanning /
> :probing / etc .. ? Can't remember when that was..
> :
> :is this an SMP or UP kernel?
>     Yes but it shouldn't effect the SATA probe.
>                                         -Matt
>                                         Matthew Dillon
>                                         <dillon at backplane.com>

I have a Thinkpad T60, and I faced the same problem when I tried out
1.10.1 on the weekend.

I do run an (ancient) version of 1.9.0-Development on this laptop, and
I don't have any problems
on that setup. I'm not sure what details about my system would help
isolate this problem (if at all)
 - so if some information would help, please do ask, I'll be all too
happy to send it over.

The interesting thing is that the deciding factor in getting my laptop
to boot isn't just the power supply.
Unless I have both my ethernet cable *and* the power supply plugged
in, my laptop just doesn't boot!
It hangs exactly where Hasso said it does for him.


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