HAMMER update - 12/31/2007

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Dec 31 17:22:01 PST 2007

    HAMMER is progressing well.  The filesystem basically works, but there
    are some major pieces missing such as, oh, the recovery code, and I
    still have a ton of issues to work through... the poor fs blows up
    when it runs out of space, for example, due to the horrible spike 
    implementation I have right now.

    It isn't stable yet but some major milestones have been achieved.  I am
    able to cpdup, rm -rf, and perform historical queries on deleted data.

    Here is a quick example:
# newfs_hammer -L TEST -S /var/vkernel/hammerimg.01 /var/vkernel/hammerimg.02
. .. start up vkernel ...
# mount_hammer /dev/vkd2 /dev/vkd3 /mnt
# cpdup / /mnt/copy
# sync
# hammer now
# rm -rf /mnt/copy
. ..
# cd /mnt/copy@@0x47799042
[access originally cpdup'd data, even though you deleted it all]

    Please note that HAMMER is *NOT* yet ready for wider testing.  Please
    don't start reporting bugs yet, because there are still tons of things
    for me to work through.


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