cvs commit: src/lib/libpthread Makefile

Hasso Tepper hasso at
Tue Dec 18 01:49:58 PST 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :Simon Schubert wrote:
> :>   Log:
> :>   Switch to libthread_xu per default.
> :
> :I suggest early adopters[tm] to switch as well, by symlinking
> :/usr/lib/ to
> :
> :Has been working for me since several months now.
> :
> :cheers
> :  simon
>     I think its a good idea.  It needs wider testing and people can
> always switch back if they hit problems.

Tried it and switched back to libc_r. Whole bunch of problems appeared in 
KDE applications right after switch.

* Akregator with about 40 RSS feeds - updating about 20% of them fails
* KNode with about 50 newsgroups - two cache files where unusable at all 
  for it and all newsgroups lost all cached headers.
* Konqueror throws random errors.

No single problem with libc_r.

I have feeling (nothing else yet) that all this is related to accessing 
files. Some months ago when I tried to switch to, I had 
100% reproduceable problem with "alternative KDE soundsystem" akode, but 
I can't reproduce it any more. Akode couldn't play any file because it 
couldn't open any ogg/mp3 file - fstat failed with EBADF. But as I said, 
I can't reproduce it any more with current HEAD.

I'd be very glad if someone else would take a look at KDE problems, my 
schedule is full at the moment :(.


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