Audio after heavy filesystem activity

Hasso Tepper hasso at
Tue Dec 18 00:34:08 PST 2007

Today I discovered this thread in freebsd-net list:

The point why it got my attention is that it looks very similar with the 
situation I have ... except that my problem is with audio. Probably there 
is problem with network as well, I just haven't checked. But the audio 
problem is noticeable.

It looks exactly the same as described in the thread ... It's OK for some 
time after boot, but often after heavy disc activity (rsync, hg pull, 
even scp sometimes) short (but very noticeable) glitches will appear in 
audio and they repeat after every ~30 sec. The same glitch in audio 
happens if I manually run sync command (it isn't there after boot 
either). I haven't discovered any way to get rid of these regular 
glitches in audio except boot. If it matters, I'm using snd_hda(4).

Anyone else is seeing it? Ideas how to debug it? Ideas to fix or at least 
workaround? It's damn annoying with workstation at work where the only 
way to survive is music in closed-back headphones ;).


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