vmspace changes to use sysref

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Apr 30 18:53:24 PDT 2007

:Well, no panics yet, but I'm seeing some new badness with USB:
:kernel: intr 10 at 50001 > 50000 hz, livelocked limit engaged!
:kernel: uscanner0: Canon CanoScan, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 2
:kernel: uhci2: <VIA 83C572 USB controller> port 0xdc00-0xdc1f
:irq 5 at device 16.2 on pci0
:kernel: usb2: <VIA 83C572 USB controller> on uhci2
:kernel: uscanner0: at uhub1 port 2 (addr 2) disconnected
:kernel: uscanner: ops removed
:kernel: uscanner0: detached
:kernel: uscanner0: Canon CanoScan, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 2
:kernel: intr 10 at 7389 < 20000 hz, livelock removed
:kernel: intr 3 at 7376 < 20000 hz, livelock removed
:The 5-minute hang goes away if I unplug the scanner before booting.
:I tried booting without ACPI, and partway thru the kernel messages I get
:an infinite number of these:
:sched_ithd : stray interrupt 7
:Any other data you might need?

    dmesg output from when you boot with an older kernel with the scanner
    plugged in (which presumably works?).

    There are a few things I would like to try.  First, adjust the livelock
    defaults in kern/kern_intr.c (livelock_limit and livelock_lowater).
    Try changing them to 5000 and 1000 respectively, just to see if that
    solves the 5-minute hang issue.

    If it doesn't (or even if it does), also try turning on the emergency
    interrupt polling feature, which can be done from the boot prompt or
    in /boot/loader.conf.

    kern.emergency_intr_enable="1"	in /boot/loader.conf
    set kern.emergency_intr_enable 1	from the boot prompt (I think).


    When booting without ACPI, getting the stray interrupt messages. 
    It wasn't doing that with older kernels booted without ACPI?  or
    was it?

    What kind of machine is this?  duel-core?  AMD or Intel?

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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