Areca Cards?

Brandon Johns brandon.johns at
Fri Apr 20 11:45:19 PDT 2007

Just out of curiosity, what would it take in your estimation to get
a working driver? or of getting a copy of the driver that Hiten ported?


On 4/20/07, Thomas E. Spanjaard <tgen at> wrote:
Brandon Johns wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've recently purchased an Areca ARC-1120 PCI-X raid controller
> and was wondering what the status of drivers were for this
> card.  I've tried the latest preview tag but was unable to find
> anything that remotely appeared to be a driver.  If someone could
> point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it. I did find in
> the mail archive something about the driver being ported, but that
> was all there was. I would love to see just how well this card and
> a few 320gb drives can perform under DFly.
A year or two ago, Hiten Pandya ported the FreeBSD driver; dunno what
he's done with the source. I started on rewriting it because it's really
fugly, but got sidetracked and left it to rot :).
         Thomas E. Spanjaard
         tgen at

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