Soekris net4801 and DragonFly BSD

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at
Thu Apr 12 15:42:07 PDT 2007

corecode wrote:
>Mischa Peters wrote:
>>Fair enough... are there any developments that make it possible to do a headless install with an out->>of-the box ISO? 
>yes, you need a pfi.conf on any medium (usb, floppy) which for instance sets a root password and >configures a running sshd (attention: enable root logins). the installer will read this file and then >perform the desired actions.

Works like a charm here (just bought a soekris 4801 too ;-):
Just create file /pfi.conf on FAT formatted usb pen-drive:

Further description in /etc/defauls/pfi.conf on dfly install LiveCD;
/etc/rc.d/pfi uses file and gives a bit more details.

It would be nice with a manual page for the installer, with reference to pfi.conf files.

Btw: After netbooting pc this way, starting getty on serial console doesn't work by editing
/ect/ttys and using 'kill -HUP 1'; guess init has a reference to /etc/ttys file on NFS mount from CD,
not for file on MFS, which is edited. Just start getty on command line.


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