Soekris net4801 and DragonFly BSD

Mischa Peters dfbsd at
Wed Apr 11 04:02:29 PDT 2007

Hi Matt,

    I think I see the problem.  When you export from NFS it exports  
    actual filesystem, not any overlays on that filesystem.  When you
    boot a live CD there are memory filesystem overlays that allow you
    to modify files and generally get a working environment, but  
the NFS
    export is going to be the unmodified CD itself.
Ah... that would be the reason then. :)

    In order to give /etc/ttys the entry it needs to have you  
either need
    to export from a copy on a hard drive that you can modify, or  
you need
    to burn a new Live CD with the modified /etc/ttys.
When the install is finished would the export of the root fs be  
enough, or does it need a copy actual CD?
What script is started when you setup the NetBoot from the Live CD,  
would be useful to (ab)use that. :)

    Considering the setup you want to use, I first suggest getting  
    working using a hard disk based file system as your export instead
    of the CD, then once you get things working play around with the
    nrelease build and build a custom CD image that you can burn  
that has
    the modifications you want.
Fair enough... are there any developments that make it possible to do  
a headless install with an out-of-the box ISO?


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