Strange vkernel crash

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Apr 5 14:06:24 PDT 2007

:Matthew Dillon <dillon at> writes:
:>     That was supposed to be appended to the standard /etc/ttys, not
:>     replace it!
:Yes, well I copied exactly what was in the man page. :) Perhaps the
:man page should be changed to reflect this new information? 
:>     However, when I do that on my test box, it still seems to work just
:>     fine, so that doesn't appear to be the cause.
:Both 1.8.1_Slip and HEAD exhibit the same crash now. I'm at a loss
:here, mostly because I cannot "see" what's wrong.
:Here's the script I use to generate the vkernel root image:

    This makes me want to make core dumps work with vkernels (right now
    they don't because the core's can't deal with MAP_VPAGETABLE mappings).


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