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Thu Apr 5 04:53:07 PDT 2007

Toby karyadi wrote:
Has there been any changes to device cloning support in DFBSD, specifically
related to this email:
nope, nothing happened.

I'm porting the kqemu module based on the FreeBSD version of it and it works
now but there can only be one qemu process using the /dev/kqemu device.
Heh, I did that some time ago (though not for the latest qemu version).  I can try to search my diffs if you are interested.

In Linux and NetBSD, if I read the code right, the file pointer is passed in
to the various ops, read, ioctl, write, etc of the driver. I think this
makes more sense semantically. In Linux the file* is passed in, while in
NetBSD the module can decide call falloc and fdclone.
at least it makes more sense than this specfs horror.

I'm not sure if I want to / can take on the task of adding the per open
vnode as suggested by Matt, but I'd be interested in hearing what people
have to say about this.
I'm not sure about the vnode stuff either.  in some way it makes sense, but what will we do with sockets, kqueue, pipe, etc?  seems wrong to use a vnode to access them (no namespace).

Ah, I just saw Matt's mail.  That's something I think sounds good and not too complicated.

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