BUF/BIO stage 3 patch #1 (panic: assertion: bp->b_xflags & BX_VNDIRTY in nfs_writebp)

Stefan Krüger skrueger at meinberlikomm.de
Sat Mar 4 05:09:52 PST 2006

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    Ok, here is the next patch. I am treading carefully, doing as much
    precursor work as I can before the massive block number -> 64 bit offset
    conversion patch.
    This is a smaller patch which cleans up the buffer cache hash table.
    The global hash table has been replaced by a per-vnode red-black tree
    and the buffer's vnode assignment, bp->b_vp, is now completely integrated
    with the block lookup code (prior patches removed all the bp->b_vp hacks
    so bp->b_vp is now an ultra-stable field).  This in turn allowed the
    reassignbuf() routine to be greatly simplified.
hi matt,

nice patch but... well take a look at ../cosmicdj/crash/crash38.tbz2

fsx on a local nfs-mounted mfs-dir triggered the panic

take care

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