DragonflyBSD fast syscall support and x86 improvements

David Xu davidxu at freebsd.org
Wed Jun 28 06:41:39 PDT 2006

Attilio Rao wrote:
. ..
Once that we have choicen a method in order to apply changes,  the
first thing I would like to add (BTW, I don't know if it exists
alredy) is sysenter/sysexit support replacing interrupt 0x80 (I have
an item in the FreeBSD list for volounteers about it, since I think I
would like to add it there too) and possibly evaluating the usage of
FPU/MMX/XMM registers in order to gather syscalls parameters.
Feedbacks about it are very appreciated too. I have other ongoing
projects we can discuss later, but they are very architecture
dependant so, since maybe they can fit in FreeBSD, they cannot in
Thanks for your time,

I have a complete patch for FreeBSD to support sysenter/sysexit,
in fact, it is running on my machine for months, but I must say
it is useless, I saw no performance improvement in real world,
yes, in benchmark world, you can measure the improvement by doing
getuid() syscall, and you found it is a lot faster, but in
real world, application is more complex, and doing heavy work
more than this simple syscall, so the micro improvment is
absorbed by heavy syscall path, result is you won't see
any improvement in real world.
You still can access the patch here:


David Xu

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