ipfw deprecation

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Jun 26 10:25:43 PDT 2006

:yes, ipfw can do dummynet, and pf can't do that.  if you want to do=20
:traffic shaping, you can use altq, but if you want to simulate=20
:different network connections, you need to have dummynet.
:also, i'd like to remove it *after* 1.6, this means people will still=20
:have half a year to migrate or port ipfw/dummynet to pfil.
:   simon

    I think its reasonable to deprecate ipfw after 1.6, but we do need
    a solution that allows us to implement dummynet functionality.

    What about the 'pipe' stuff?  Being able to control packet rates 
    and bandwidth is something I use with IPFW all the time.


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