Stilyan Tsenov naylits at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 10:31:06 PDT 2006

Recently reading through the goals section,the mailing list and the
result is being questins about the VFS direction.
Don't understand the use of VFS, VFS's, and VFSs...What is the
difference ,which are synonyms ?
Here is my (miss)understanding the VFS goals :
1.The VFS subsystem will be multithreaded(before it was
reentrant,later working on a single request at a time,and soon
multithreaded(again multiple request at a time))
2.(all)Filesystem will be able to run in userspace as user processes
3.(some)Userspace filesystem processes will be multithreaded(So UFS
code will be reworked to become multithreaded)
4. (some)Filesystems working in kernel will also be multithreaded
(they have the same code)
It will also help me comment whether VOP_* messaging (from th VFS
goals section) conflicts VOP_ syslink recent decision ?And last does
'VFS environments' mean the VFS layer (currently a kernel subsystem)
will run in userspace(becoming a message server)?
Hope bringing enough confusion :)Thanks

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