Reviving userland LWKT

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Jul 12 20:12:33 PDT 2006

:could/would this be used for a possible implementation of NSS, for instan=
:ce?  I'm thinking of a NSS daemon which can handle standard NSS plugins (=
:ldap, sql, whatnot) and a libc getpwent(3) and stuff which queries this d=
:aemon, by some means.  Is this some means possibly the protocol you are o=
:utlining, would we need a layer in between (lwkt?) or would we use someth=
:ing completely else?
:  simon

    Sure.  The idea is that it could be used for almost anything, but that
    it must at least be sophisticated enough for us to be able to leverage
    it for use with two of our big ticket goals (userland VFS and


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