Reviving userland LWKT

Eric Jacobs eric at
Wed Jul 12 12:44:36 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm interested in bringing back to life the port of LWKT to userland
(the old "libcaps") - I know a lot of this stuff hasn't been a high
priority for quite some time, but it was a cool unique Dragonfly feature
and I'd hate to have it go to bit-rot as the rest of the system
continues to mature.

So, anyone have any ideas, suggestions or requests going out? I realize
the sysport/sendsys stuff has been removed and I am prepared to deal
with that (I'm not sure it ever worked anyway, did it?) My plan of
attack focuses on usermode<->usermode intraprocess and interprocess
messaging first, leaving the whole issue of what to do with the kernel
interfaces for last.


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