Announcing bug tracker

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Jul 9 13:24:20 PDT 2006

:I have been running a bug tracker since over half a year now, hidden from=
: the big public (so that I could test it), but coupled to both bugs@ and =
:submit at .  So what happens is basically each mail to those lists gets inse=
:rted into the bug tracker by either appending it to the audit trail or cr=
:eating a new issue.  Each person posting to these lists automatically get=
:I would like to make this the official bug tracking system (maybe put on =
:leaf), because it works very well and is really easy to use (and administ=
:If this system is used as the official system, it should be coupled in so=
:me way to the mailing list(s), so that additions to the audit trail throu=
:gh the web interface appear on the mailing lists as well.
:You can find it at
:	<>.
:To activate your account on the web site, go to "Lost your login?" and en=
:ter your mail address to get your password reset and sent to you via mail=
:  simon

    Mine kinda fell by the wayside.  I say, lets go for it.  I like the
    idea of auto-adding anything posted to bugs@ or submit at .  What kind
    of infrastructure does the backend need?


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