code bounties for DragonFly ?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Jan 27 11:09:21 PST 2006

:Adrian Michael Nida wrote:
:> <Snip/>
:>>Well, the best idea is most likely to just offer a bounty and see if
:>>anyone wants to work on it. The Project so to say doesn't have to be
:>>vrey involved with one big exception. What happens if someone claims a
:>>bounty, but the resulting code (or documentation for that matter) is not
:>>deemed appropiate?
:> <Snip/>
:> Would it make sense to require the resulting code be deemed appropriate
:> before the author wins the bounty?
:who decides?  on what basis?  what if two people want to get the bounty? 
:  money changes people.

    Precisely.  It would be disaster.  We do not have and do not intend to
    create a 'business' infrastructure to define and manage the work.

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