lookupd-style daemon

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at hackerheaven.org
Fri Jan 27 05:59:56 PST 2006

On Friday 27 January 2006 14:36, Eli Green wrote:

> I've been thinking of throwing my hat in the ring and helping out but
> since I'm mostly useless, wasn't sure where to start. A while back,
> there was talk of somebody using libcaps to implement an NIS-style
> daemon to do password/group/whatever else lookups that libc could use if
> it was present and fall back to files if it wasn't. That seems about the
> level of complexity I could handle.

Cool! Yes, if you search the archives of the FreebSD lists and the dragonfly 
lists for 'static linking', 'performance' or 'register' you might hit that 
discussion. It was basically about static bins having no access to mechamisms 
like the Name Service Switch. What you are proposing to build was a solution 
that Matt came up with.

> Can the libcaps API be considered basically stable? I can't promise that
> I'll turn out top-notch code (my C skills are a little rusty) but
> whatever the result, I'll be willing to try and document libcaps as I
> go, which couldn't hurt.

AFAIK libcaps is stable. It was also used by the first iterations of the 
BSDinstaller (dunno if it still uses it now).

> I just wanted to make sure that nobody else was working on this first.

Nobody is working on this as far as I know.

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