nullfs stabilization I

Csaba Henk csaba.henk at
Wed Jan 11 19:46:01 PST 2006

On 2006-01-11, Simon 'corecode' Schubert <corecode at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Csaba Henk wrote:
>>>I don't promise anything but try to stay tuned :)
>> Okay it seems Simon means getting this right so no need for me to play
>> the clever boy now.
> I don't want to take away your toy :)

That's kind of you, but it would be stupid if two of us would go on and
code the same thing (unless we shared the job properly -- though
this particular problem seems to be need of an "atomic edit"...).

You seem to be in gear, feel free to admit if in fact that's not the case

> Would you mind explaining what you have in mind?

I wanted to get away with a ncp -> mp style shadowing scheme (instead of
an ncp -> ncp one).  It's questionable if such a scheme would be generic
enough (seeing your examples with arbitrary f_oo => Foo, fo_o_ => fOO,
. .. mappings).

And I thought it could be done by not much more than cutting out the hunks from
your patch and inserting elsewhere; now I see it's not that easy.

 * * *

I do have now other ideas which are might be worth for more interest,
I'll post them soon as an answer to the appropriate post.


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