Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Jan 3 23:14:28 PST 2006

Anyone using PF on DragonFly?

I see it was imported in Sept. 21, 2004 and is in DragonFly 1.2 and 1.4. I 
guess this is the same as OpenBSD's pf 3.5 (I only checked to see if had 
bad-timestamp and didn't see it).

(And I see that tcpdump has support for OpenBSD's pf packet logging.)

Anyone using PF on DragonFly?

What features at time of import were broken or worked differently on 
DragonFly? (Is this documented anywhere?)

I do see that ALTQ support for pf was added in Feb. 2005.

Anyone working on updating pf in DragonFly?

I am working on the OpenBSD PF document so it covers DragonFly too.

 Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. Anyone want to review the PDF for it?

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